“My message to you is this: No longer consent to listen without protest to the perversion of truth.” Special Testimonies” (Series B, No. 2, p. 15)

Written by Slawomir (“Swavak”) Gromadzki

In spite of all the clear and undeniable evidence that the change of our position on the humanity of Lord Jesus was the most dangerous deception, and although it was predicted by Sister White and described as the “omega heresy”, the leaders of the Church still haven’t done anything to correct it. As a result many members, teachers and ministers still have false or distorted understanding of this fundamental aspect of the Gospel and often even believe this subject shouldn’t be studied in our Churches as it is difficult and causes divisions. On the other hand, those who have right understanding of Christ’s human nature often get the impression that they are unwelcome or even not allowed to express their beliefs in the Church.

In the Adventist Review, published on 27 of May 1976, a group of church leaders provided a statement on righteousness by faith and certain related truths, including the humanity of Christ. After explaining both views (pre-Fall and post-Fall), the article stated that the Seventh-day Adventist Church does not have a definite position on the humanity of Christ and that members may therefore hold either view. This was also later confirmed in the Adventist Review. It means that both views on Christ’s humanity should be acceptable within Adventism today. Unfortunately, it is true only in theory, because in practice anyone teaching or preaching the post-Fall view is usually regarded as a heretic.

Between 1992 and 2007 I myself experienced similar unchristlike negative attitude from the SDA Church leaders in Poland while I was peacefully trying to share my understanding on the biblical concept of Christ’s incarnation and our corporate salvation in Him. Fortunately, they were unable to silence me because my first and the second local Church, in which I was holding my membership, were always on my site and couldn’t see any biblical reason to back up the leaders and deprive me of the right to share my views.

I also know about other SD Adventists who experienced similar opposition while trying to share either the message associated with the in Christ motif or His true incarnation. One of them is Pastor Jack Sequeira who by the grace of God has been travelling all over America and world proclaiming the good news of the gospel including its three most vital aspects (the Christ’s experience of second death, His true incarnation and the universal salvation in Him). And during those years the SDA Biblical Research Institute (especially its former director – Angel Manuel Rodriguez) desperately tried to silence him. For example, at one occasion the pastor of the Spencerville SDA Church in Washington DC, who was Sequeira’s predecessor at the Capital Memorial Church (also Washington DC), asked him to be the main speaker at the annual Spencerville’s camp meeting because he wanted “his people to hear the true gospel”. The Spencerville Church, however, is attended by the most of the GC brethren, including A. M. Rodrigues. Therefore, when everything was already arranged and elder Sequeira was supposed to be the main speaker at that camp meeting, Rodriguez, using his position, forced the Spencerville pastor to choose another speaker. When he asked for the reason, Rodriguez only explained he couldn’t allow Sequeira to speak there because he preached federalism. But when pastor Sequeira was told about that humiliating news and asked for a meeting with Rodriguez and the pastor of the Spencerville Church (to witness the conversation) Rodriguez refused to give him the opportunity to defend himself and his teachings.

It is true that we are not to allow heresies and false ideas to undermine the fundamental truths found in the Word of God but no one, including the leaders of the Church, have right to threaten or deprive our pastors or members of the freedom of expressing their beliefs without proving that their ideas can’t be sustained by the Word of God. The Lord never gave leaders, pastors and men like A. M. Rodriguez authority to use their position in order to silence members because the ideas they try to share do not match their own preconceived understanding!

God to Control His Heritage - ELLEN WHITE

It is about this kind of unchristlike attitude of the leaders that Sister White wrote the following heart-felt words:

With outstretched arms men are seeking to steady the ark, and the anger of the Lord is kindled against them because they think themselves competent to decide what shall be brought before God’s people, and what shall be repressed. The Lord inquires of them, ‘Who has given you the burden of being conscience for My people? By what spirit are you guided and controlled when you seek to restrict their liberty? I have not chosen you as I chose Moses–as men through whom I can communicate divine instruction to My people.’ There is an evil, a great evil, that is to be rooted out of all council meetings and board meetings. Man is led to fear man rather than God! Have not the words of men had too much power? Has not religious freedom been excluded from your assemblies? Have you not censured your fellow men, when you yourselves were standing under the censure of God? Take your hands off your brethren! They are not to be under the control of any man. Men are not to league together to bind their fellow men by rules and restrictions. Men are under God’s control, not under the control of weak, erring human beings. They are to be left free to be guided by the Holy Spirit, not by the fitful, perverse spirit of unsanctified men. Those who do not know God, who refuse to hear His voice or to be ruled by Him, will stand with cord in hand, ready to bind the Lord’s workers and trammel them in their efforts. Let God place restrictions on His workers, but let man beware how he places restrictions where God places none. Let not men take on themselves the responsibility of controlling the words and actions of their fellow men. Let God have opportunity to control. Should the principle obtain sway that in speaking and writing, men are to be under the control of human beings, deadly evils would be the result.” {18MR 223.2 – 225.4}

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Using the authority of his position Angel M. Rodriguez committed the very same sin of the violation of religious freedom Ellen White wrote in the quoted above statement. He dared to deprive thousands of Adventists of the opportunity to hear the most wonderful message of the gospel of freedom that could had been presented to them by the SDA ordained Pastor (Jack Sequeira) who repeatedly risked his life while standing for the truth in Uganda under Idi Amin as well as in countries ruled by communist governments and religious leaders such as Abuna (patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church) who tried to kill pastor Sequeira for not submitting to his demand to refuse holding an evangelistic crusade. As a result of that blessed and protected by God effort, seventy students were baptised and joined the Seventh Day Adventist Church.

Pastor Sequeira’s Christian experience is blessed with numerous extraordinary stories proving God’s inspiration, guidance and protection while with regards to Angel Manuel Rodriguez no such evidence is available.

When Apostle Paul was accused by false brothers (legalistic Judeo-Christians) of being self-appointed apostle and proclaiming heresies, to prove he was called and guided by God Paul often denied those accusations by telling Christians how miraculously God protected him whenever he risked his life proclaiming the gospel. The same is true with regards to elder Sequeira who also risked his life while proclaiming the fully recovered everlasting gospel and was always protected by God.

Unfortunately, as two thousand years ago some Judaizers attacked Paul and the gospel he preached also today pastor Sequeira and the gospel he proclaims is opposed by some Adventists (modern Judaizers) such as Angel M. Rodriguez,  Larry J. Kane, Colin and Russell Standish or Ron Spear.

Although A. M. Rodriguez would like to be seen as a guardian of our doctrines and theology it is very interesting that there are some articles and videos available online accusing him of promoting Catholicism in the SDA Church by attempting to alter our well-established biblical interpretations which disclose the truth about papal Rome. Because of that some authors even suggest Angel M. Rodriguez might be another Jesuit implant in the SDA Church. This thought-provoking assumption comes from that fact that the obvious ambition of Vatican is to take religious control over all protestant churches and eventually religious and political supremacy over the entire world. This hostile to God and His Church heretic system is hoping to achieve this goal by gaining our sympathy through ecumenism and by infiltrating the General Conference of the SDA Church in order to eliminate or at least gradually undermine certain doctrines and believes that separate us from the Catholic Church. This effort is extremely important for the Vatican because without distinct theological and doctrinal differences it is possible for them to promote ecumenism and finally unite all churches under their supervision and control. In this way Vatican is hoping to achieve the final goal in the form of gaining global spiritual and even political leadership and authority.